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Hair Dryer Motor AC
  • Hair Dryer Motor AC
  • Hair Dryer Motor AC
  • Hair Dryer Motor AC
Hair Dryer Motor AC
Hair Dryer Motor AC
Hair Dryer Motor AC

Hair Dryer Motor AC

The blow dryer motor is the powerhouse behind effective hair drying hence it should provide the necessary airflow to dry & style your hair efficiently. In the realm of hair care technology, AC motors stand supreme because of their reliability and efficiency.
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blow dryer motor

The blow dryer motor is the powerhouse behind effective hair drying hence it should provide the necessary airflow to dry & style your hair efficiently. In the realm of hair care technology, AC Motors stand supreme because of their reliability and efficiency. These motors are engineered to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy thereby ensuring consistent and powerful performance.

On matters of durability and longevity, blow dryers fitted with AC Motors carry the day. Thanks to their alternating current nature, these motors blow up a continuous and strong breeze needed for rapid efficient hair drying. For whatever purpose; personal or professional use in saloons, these motors have been proven reliable over time.

These attributes give rise to strong winds required for quick drying times hence contributing to high torque in AC Motors. Additionally, their simple designs make them tough enough for loyalists who rely on them every single day. Blow dryers featuring AC Motors also have different speed settings as well as heat settings which allow users adopt various hairstyles.

In salon environments where time is money this feature proves valuable since it ensures that there is efficient & fast drying occasioned by a consistent power output from AC motors. Ultimately, blow dryer motor including AC motor types especially plays a central role in hair drying results that one can rely on forever making it convenient for professional hairstylists or even just interested individuals at large.

Blow Dryer Motor Features:

Powerful Performance:

These motors help users to dry their hair more quickly as they generate high torque, which ensures that airflows are powerful and consistent. Thus, the blow dryer is suitable for professional application in salons where rapid drying is crucial.

Durability and Longevity:

For long periods of operation, our Hair Dryer Motors are made to last. It means that users who depend on their hair dryers for everyday use have a dependable and lasting remedy to avoid regular replacements.

Versatility in Settings:

Our Hair Dryer Motors come with variable speeds and heat settings that allow users to change their styles easily. It lets them personalize their hair drying routine according to the nature of their hair and style choices.

Reliable Operation:

While using Our Motor For Hair Dryer, it can be trusted not to overheat or reduce its performance over time when continuously used. This helps give the user a smooth run without any interruptions during the process of hair-drying leading to increased satisfaction.


Maintaining and replacing these AC motor enabled hair dryers is relatively cheap. Hence, with minimal repairs or replacements required due to their sturdy make-up and durability; consumers can save more money in the end.

Product Parameters:

Origin: China

Voltage :220V~230V,50 Hz

Logo: Custom logos are accepted

OEM / ODM: Availalbe

Packaging: Custom packaging is accepted




Supply Capacity: 5000000 pcs annual output

Where we can use Blow Dryer Motor:

Salons and Hair Styling Studios:

AC motor hair dryers are widely used in professional salons and hair styling studios. The high torque and powerful performance of AC motors allow hairstylists to efficiently dry and style clients' hair, saving time and ensuring consistent results.

Home Use:

AC motor hair dryers are popular choices for personal use at home. Their durability and reliability make them suitable for everyday hair care routines, providing individuals with an efficient and effective tool for drying and styling their hair.

Hotels and Hospitality Industry:

Hair dryers with AC motors are commonly found in hotel rooms and hospitality settings. Their robust design and versatility make them suitable for accommodating various hair types and preferences among guests.


Blow Dryer Motor FAQs:

1. What is the role of the blow dryer motor in hair drying?

   - The blow dryer motor acts as an engine that propels air through your hair to dry and style it better.

2. Why are blow dryers fitted with AC motors mostly used?

   - With their long lifespan, efficiency, and reliability being some of the reasons why AC motors are preferred in blow dryers because they offer consistent and powerful performance which provides heat for rapid and efficient hair drying.

3. What is the importance of an AC motor in a blow dryer?

   - Long lasting with continuous strong air flow for fast efficient hair drying makes them reliable for both personal use and professional application in salons because this type of blow dryer has an AC motor.

4. How does an AC motor aid in quick drying times?

   - Fast drying times occur due to high torque resulting from strengths generated by AC motors whose construction is simple enough to sustain daily use.

5. What is the significance of a blow dryer motor when it comes to hairdressing outcomes?

   - The utilization of a central role played by the blow dryer’s electric-motor especially those that fall under the category called ac motors renders exceptional consistency hence becoming convenient even for those who do not want to visit salons but would like to style their hairs at home like professional stylists do.


We also pay attention to the sustainable development of the enterprise and brand building, and regard actual execution as the core of enterprise management. Through strict implementation of quality management, standardized production and process optimization, we can improve enterprise management efficiency and customer satisfaction, and promote the healthy and stable development of the enterprise.


The future goal and vision of Junhui Motor Co., Ltd. is to become an internationally leading motor manufacturing enterprise with a sense of social responsibility and good credibility. With quality, service, innovation and environmental protection as the core competitiveness, the company, customers, employees and society will achieve common development and common prosperity. We firmly believe that only by achieving a balanced development of social benefits, economic benefits and environmental benefits can an enterprise continue to develop and grow. We strive to make unremitting efforts to create a better world, so that Junhui Electric Co., Ltd. can become a brand with leading position and competitive advantage in the industry.

JUNHUI ELECTRIC MANUFACTURE CO.,LTD. is a micro motor manufacturer who dedicated to the research, development, and production of Universal motors, PMDC motors, Shaded Pole motors and related drive solutions. The products and solutions we provide are widely used in multiple areas such as home appliances, power tools, , personal care devices, commercial appliances, health care devices, and so on.

JUIHUI has been approved ISO 9001:2015 quality management system, and won the title of National High-tech Enterprise in 2021, Our universal motor, DC motor and Shaded pole motor are in line with CE and ROHS standards. And we have an experienced R&D team and quality control department to provide customers with customized and high-quality products.

JUIHUI has high level automated production lines and advanced testing equipment, annual capacity reach 5 million units. And we also produce motor hardware parts such as shaft, bracket etc, ensure products' quality and competitive prices. In addition, we also have a professional business team, to provide customers with flexible and professional services to achieve mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

  • 10+year experience in electric motor manufacturing

  • Annual Capacity: 5 million units

  • 20+ automatic and semi-automatic production lines

  • 300+ employees

  • 20,000+ square meters area

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